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NEW nozzle head (for blooming and Popodusche)
Nozzle head ECO 2.0 and PRO 3.0
Nozzle heads Popodusche NB14
Sale price€9,90
Mounting plate NB09, NB-R770
Sale price€8,90
Mounting plate NB-1120/NB-R1060
Activated carbon filter NB-R1273Activated carbon filter NB-R1273
Activated carbon filter NB-R770Activated carbon filter NB-R770
Activated carbon filter Popodusche PRO 2.0 & 3.0Activated carbon filter Popodusche PRO 2.0 & 3.0
Main PCB for Popodusche NB09
Sale price€59,90
Mounting plate NB-R1273
Sale price€8,90
Mounting plate NB16
Sale price€8,90
Lid D-Shape NB1120, NB-R1060
Sale price€23,90
Remote control for ECO 2.0Remote control for ECO 2.0
Sale price€59,90
Lid D-Shape NB09, NB-R770Lid D-Shape NB09, NB-R770
Sale price€23,90